A box full of items, designed and made by us and other alternative brands, delivered to your door.  Just £15 per month (postage is free in the UK).  The best value subscription box available.  You will receive a number of items in your monthly boxes worth in excess of the amount paid, all based on alternative themes.  An awesome treat to look forward to each month, because we all deserve to be spolit at least once a month ;)

- You also get an exclusive sale items throughout the month. This is held in our group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/subscriptionbox/
- Share your photos of your boxes in our group for a chance each month to win £50 to spend on the Little Booteek Website.
- Subscribers also get a permanent 3% discount off the Little Booteek site for all full priced items during the month you have subscribed along with weekly offers to their email. 

There is also an option to upgrade to the standard box plus top.  You receive the standard trick or treat box, together with a guaranteed top each month for just an extra £10 per month.

You will be contacted after you have subscribed to confirm your dress size. Or alternatively, you can email us immediately with this information.

This box is available worldwide.  Postage will be payable for people outside of the UK.

Subscribe to both the Trick or treat box and Dark Curse for a £5 saving each month.

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